Janush is a broad-shouldered light grey wolf with thick fur shining icy blue eyes and a broken jaw[1][2].


The Hardcore Arc

Hardcore:Lake Tenebris

He is a leader of the Patrols SkyClan. When it became known that a group of Rogue are going to get into the camp. He's talking to Soldafaunt, seeing OakNose, standing near a The Great Sycamore, claws out and held them to the throat of a random passer-by to the wolf Patrol. Janush scream so he left him and went away, and he continued to talk to Soldafaunt.

Soldafaunt, not wanting to spill innocent blood, to join into negotiations with him. Cat requires that Janush led the Patrol, but he refuses to fulfill the requirement, offering Pathfinder announce a decision. Soldafaunt to win time, can cause Janush to tell funny stories.


Interesting Facts

  • His real name is unknown, as the name Janush it invented Soldafaunt during negotiations, forbidding him to answer the questions with the words «No» and «Maybe».





Calm Soldafaunt, don't touch anyone. Let's make a deal. What are your requirements?


Character Models